Our Environment And Growing Methods:

We grow all of our delicious Heritage fruits and vegetables hydroponically. This allows us to to be more environmentally friendly. One of the things we do is to use re-purposed growing containers.  This keeps these items out of landfills. Hydroponics also uses much less water than in standard ground farming. This allows us to grow more produce in a smaller space with less fertilizer.  Our fertilizer is all absorbed by the plants so it does not go into the ground, so as to not contaminate the Water supply or anywhere it is not intended. Having our plants up off of the ground keeps down pests, fungus and other plant diseases that are in the soil. Since we do not use pesticides or herbicides this helps to increase our crop yields and reduce plant loss due to disease and insect damage.


Our Animals:

We raise only the best  breeds available.  Our poultry are raised on green lush pasture not in tractors. We use no antibiotics or hormones. We use only the best quality all natural non GMO foods for our animals. Our poultry comes from either our own eggs or a reputable certified breeder.