Premium Pastured Non Gmo Chicken and Eggs!

Why choose Olivor Heritage Farms?

1) Freshness

    We are local and Process our chickens at our location every week. We deliver direct to you. You get your chickens within 24-48 hrs of processing!

2) Taste

    Our chickens have a better more refined flavor that is produced from our proprietary Farming techniques. We have developed our practices over the last seven years.

3) Texture

    Our chickens have a firmer meatier texture without sacrificing tenderness or juiciness. Our chickens have no added water, salt etc.

4) Flavor

     Our birds have a unique FRESH flavor that has a mild sweetness to it.

5) Skin Quality

     We have the most completely intact skin in the industry. After the our birds are scalded at our proprietary temp and time, they are mechanically plucked. After that we hand pick each bird individually. This helps produce a crispier skin and a better overall plate presentation.

6) We have local Brand recognition

      We have a wide reaching retail presence throughout the Bay area. This helps drive traffic to your venue.

7) Ethics

      We have the highest Ethical standards for the treatment of our animals. They are Pastured and never subjected to confinement in coop houses or pins. They freely roam in the sunshine with plenty of room. They eat whatever they can find and a Non Gmo feed supplement that has not been processed into pellets. For this reason it maintains more of it's nutritional properties.Our chickens are NEVER EVER given antibiotics, hormones or stimulants of any kind.

8) Supporting Local

     By supporting our Farm you are supporting a local Family. Our dollars stay in the community thereby benefiting everyone in the chain.

9) Service

     We are the Farmer, Processor and distributor! You have a direct line of communication if ever an issue should arise. We strive to offer the highest level of service around!

10) Experience

       I am retired from the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable processing industry. I have a working knowledge of the industry gathered over 30 + years serving corporate and independent Food distributors, Produce distributors and Restaurants. We are fully licensed and Insured. I am up to date on current Food safety requirements and systems.